Thundershirt Reviews: Is Thundershirt A Great Dog Anxiety Solution

Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Dogs are man’s best friend. Yet, we often place them in situations where they feel anxious and distressed. Responsible owners never do this on purpose, but there are times where stress is unavoidable. This calls for a simple solution that will keep a dog calm when faced with its anxiety triggers. The makers of Thundershirt believe that their natural, simple garment holds the answer, and the wealth of positive Thundershirt reviews backs this up. So, what is it about Thundershirt that is so special, and what do dog owners need to know before they buy one?

The issue of dog anxiety.

Dog anxiety can be a big problem, with many potential triggers. Some dogs are stressed out by unfamiliar situations and people. Others don’t like to be left alone too long due to their deep bond with their owner. Then there are the stresses of loud, unexpected noises, which can sound even worse to a dog’s ears. This anxiety can cause health problems due to the stress. Some may urinate while anxious, which is a problem in any home. It can also cause some dogs to act out, causing destructive behaviour. All owners need a reliable, dog-friendly solution to ease anxiety, and the Thundershirt is a good place to start.

So what is a Thundershirt?

The Thundershirt is a dog garment designed to ease anxiety and calm the dog in different situations. The name comes from the fact that many dog owners will put this on their pet when they know that there is a forecast for thunder. That is where the company owner originally got the idea for the vest – from his own dog’s difficulties in thunderstorms. However, this vest can help with more than that.

This vest is also suitable for fireworks and other occasions where loud noises may spook the dog. They are also a great tool for unfamiliar situations, like visiting other house or going to the vets. Others use them for travel, such as stressful car trips or airline travel, for dogs that feel stressed out on the road. Finally, there is the potential to use this vest for separation anxiety and crate training. There are lots of possibilities here for owners struggling with anxiety issues.

Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Does this Thundershirt really help dogs and their owners with these anxiety issues?

The Thundershirt reviews from owners are impressive. The company currently claim a success rate of over 80%. This may sounds a little low to some people. There is no overblown hype about complete user satisfaction, because that would be unrealistic. That is because there will be some dogs that just wont be feel comfortable in the vest. Other may have deeper trauma and psychological issues where further help is required. Every dog is an individual animal after all.

Even so this is a popular product with a lot of sales across the world. Owners are seeing the benefits in this solution. There are great testimonials for users in all kinds of situations. There are vets that see the difference on patients in their care, dog handlers dealing with victims of abuse and other owners with their own anxiety-based canine dramas.

So this Thundershirt does work – but how?

The secret to this vest is all about the gentle pressure offered by the compression. The vest fastens around the body and chest of the animal. It is described as being similar to a swaddling effect. This is comforting to the animals and has a psychological effect on their anxiety and behaviour. This idea of pressure to combat anxiety has been in use for a long time in the animal and human world. The issue that the company faced was how to create a situation of consistent pressure while the dog was alone or mobile. This compression vest was the best solution, and continues to impress users all the time

There are clearly many advantages to this Thundershirt solution.

The first advantage here is that this is a natural calming solution. It means owners can find progress without resorting to drugs and other chemicals. We don’t want to sedate our dogs unless absolutely necessary. We also don’t want to pump them full of chemicals when there is a better, more simple solution out here.

Then there are the different sizes for different breeds. There are seven different sizes available here – XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS, and XXS – so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the right fit. Simply measure your dog and match their measurement to the size chart on the Thundershirt website. This choice is a key reason why there are so many positive Thundershirt reviews from so many happy owners. They are open to all breeds.

Then there is the user-friendly design and materials. As this is a vest to be worn for long periods, it helps that owners can remove it and wash it as needed. It is machine washable and can be easily cared for. It is also easy to fasten in a matter of seconds.

The final advantage is that this is a money saving solution. This might not the cheapest product, but it is a one time purchase for long-term results and relief. This fast-action solution stops any destructive behaviour, or any other damage caused by anxious pups. This means no more costs in dealing with the aftermath of an anxiety attack. It also reduces healthcare costs, as there are no more vet bills for consultations and drugs as you try and medicate the dog for a solution.

Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Are there any disadvantages or side effects to this approach?

This isn’t always a quick fix. There are some people that find that they put this vest on their dog and don’t get the results expected. This isn’t necessarily going to work the first time around. At first, the dog may feel a little uncomfortable to have this garment on, especially if they don’t usually wear anything. With time, they will get used to it and you should see results.

There is also the slight risk for irritation points on this garment. This is where areas of the vest irritate the skin, causing redness or sore patches. This is rare, but not impossible. It is more common with those that leave the vest on for prolonged periods. It should be safe for the dog to wear this for up to 10 hours, hence the use in separation anxiety training. Still, it is best to check the dog when taking it off for any signs of irritation. Some dog owners also worry about the risk of their animals overheating while wearing this vest. This shouldn’t be an issue in most climates because the vest is made from a very light, breathable material.

Important tips for dog owner before using a Thundershirt.

As mentioned in the disadvantages section, it can take time to see any results. That is why it pays to be patient and work with the animal as best you can. In a way, you may have to train the dog to get used to this tool. Get them to wear it for a short period away from stressful situations so they have time to get used to the feeling. Then increase the time until they are comfortable. Then you can put it on them in situations of anxiety. This way you aren’t suddenly placing them in a situation with two issues to worry about – for example a new vest during a thunderstorm.

thundershirt reviews for dogs

It is also important to make sure that you buy the right size vest for your dog. Anything too small could be constricting, difficult to fasten and likely to create those irritation points mentioned above. Anything too big wont offer adequate compression. The fit is also important on male dogs so that it doesn’t constrict or irritate their genitals.

Finally, always pay close attention to your dog’s behaviour while using the vest. Never assume that it will do its job and that you can leave them completely unsupervised in a new, stressful situation. Watch out for signs hat the dog isn’t happy, that they are irritated or overheating.

Where to buy your dog’s Thundershirt.

Ideally, you will want to buy from one from the official site, Thundershirt Apparel clothing Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacket, Blue, Large 41-64 lbs US, or one of Thundershirt’s official partners. There are lots of different products out there. Some of them want to recreate the idea of the this vest, but may not have the quality or results. There may also be some dodgy sites trying to sell a knock-off product. You want to be sure that your pet has the best quality option for the best results and comfort. The official site also provides a 45 day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Why the Thundershirt is a great option for an anxious dog.

As you can see from the pros and cons, and the many positive Thundershirt reviews, there is no major reason not to give this product a try. There is plenty of potential for positive results in different situation, with minimal risk of discomfort or distress. The shirt is well-made, effective and comes in enough sizes to suit most dogs. As long as you take the time to pick the right size and ensure the dog is happy, you should have a good experience with this product.

Thundershirt Apparel clothing Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacket, Blue, Large 41-64 lbs US
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