SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425 Training Collar Review

SportDog Field Trainer 425 is one of the most ideal methods wherein a dog owner can ensure control of their dog(s) whenever they are out in the field. The kit has incorporated advanced technology in the compact collar. The collar has a range of 500 yards enabling the user to train their dog is a more extensive area. The kit is also water proof and can still work under 25 feet submersion. The kit can essentially work under various situations.

There are seven vibration, stimulation and tone levels with this kit for maximum control.This package also comes with a charger, lanyard, operating guide, test light, DVD, and a manual for basic training. A dog that is well mannered through training is invaluable. The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 A-Series 500 Yard Remote Trainer is the perfect kit for this purpose. This kit has had wide endorsement across many dog lovers. It is also possible to add collars in the kit system making it easy to control up to three dogs using a single remote. The dog trainer kit is usable on the yard, training field and for hunting purpose.

SportDog Field Trainer 425 Collar Review.

Performance quality

One of the main reasons people encounter problems using this dog trainer kit is their failure to read through the instructions carefully. One common mistake is when customers use the collar alongside the leash when walking the dog. The dog will most definitely not be comfortable working with the prongs on collar because they will hurt the dog when they attempt to pull away. The collars responsible for shocks are not meant to take the place of the collar that walks the dog. The shock collar is meant for training purpose only.

Both the transmitter and receiver are of light weight and incorporated is a shock with seven distinct settings, vibration and tone settings. Once the dog is trained to understand the meaning of the different signals then it becomes easier and easier to train the dog. It is also not possible to accidentally shock the dog if the remote is used properly and even if that were to happen the level of sensitivity is not detrimental. In case the user is not comfortable with the vibrate button then they can switch to using the vibration option. These features allow for optimal performance of the kit.

Easy training

According to some of the customer reviews the remote dog trainer can easily convert a wayward dog into an obedient and well-mannered dog. The collar may seem a little bit brutal for the dog but with enough training time the dog can adapt to proper manners and hence allow the dog owner to regain full control of the dog without necessarily having to use the shock option anymore. Every person buying a dog trainer intends to have some level of control over their dog. This trainer is a superb tool.

Usability Of This Dog Training Collar

This product has proven to yield instant results with some dogs learning quite quickly from them. Dogs accustomed to backing, chasing after cars, escaping among other unwarranted behaviors can calm abandon such behavior within a short period of time. Some unbelievable bad mannered dogs have straightened up character according to some of the customer reviews.


With proper charging the collar last long and the entire kit is quite durable. According to some customers who have trained their dogs using this dog trainer on wide fields they confirm that indeed the collar works perfectly well within a 500 yard distance. A well trained dog can accompany the owner for a walk without taking off.

Lifesaving capability

For the type of dogs that are accustomed to trending in dangerous terrains such as escaping into traffic and public areas that could endanger their lives then this dog training kit is the perfect recipe.

Rechargeable and replaceable batteries

Both the batteries found in the receiver and the collar is made up of lithium ion and is rechargeable. The batteries can function for between three and five years without needing replacement. A call to the customer care desk of sport dog can get you a replacement for the batteries. The users are highly advised not to open the remote or the collar transmitter before getting the new battery replacements.

This SportDog fieldTrainer 425 is the optimal equipment for training the dog in an open field as well as in the enclosed areas. The waterproof transmitters and three dog transmitter capabilities allow for durability and efficiency respectively. These capabilities are the most superior among any of the dog training collar for mid-range. The small size and lightweight transmitter makes it easy and pleasurable to use the dog trainer.

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