A Review Of Wahl Bravura Lithium Dog Clipper

The Wahl bravura lithium dog clipper immediately stands out to potential buyers because of the interesting parts and accessories. It offers a 5-in-1 blade system that it meant to be easy to use and comes with combs, oil, a blade guard and a cleaning brush. The Wahl bravura lithium clipper reviews online are full of reports about the user-friendly and dog-friendly features, which suggest that the product definitely has a wide appeal. Here we will look at the experiences of dog owners, and their pets, to determine the pros and cons of this appealing system.

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What do humans think?

The specification for this appliance boasts that it is an “excellent clipper for feet, face and finish work” because it is able to “glide through coats quickly and efficiently”. The feedback from customer testimonials seems to back this up, with users praising the device for its performance on difficult areas and delicate tasks. The clipper is designed to be used on almost any breed, but reports suggest that it is best suited for toy breeds and show dogs.

There is plenty of praise for the performance of this clipper and the effect that it has on these small coats, but there are some negative comments about some of the features. The biggest issue for many users is the sense that this product could be a lot tougher and more durable. Some have noted that the plastic parts on the blades break too easily when dealing with thicker coats, which leads to concerns about the life of the product. The device should still be fast enough though, as it offers 5000 strokes per minutes. While this is ideal for ensuring a quick, clean cut, it might be more helpful for users if there was an additional, slower speed setting for problem areas.

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What do dogs think?

While dog owners clearly have some issues with the design of this product, it appears that there are few complaints coming from the dogs themselves. There are some impressive claims in the specification for this product, so much so that buyers don't really expect it to meet them all. Wahl claim that the product is cool running, “exceptionally quiet” and offers a very low vibration. As far as pets are concerned, the product ticks all three boxes. The blades don't appear to overheat during the grooming session, the system is remarkably quiet – especially in comparison to other models – and the vibration is low enough that the device can be used on the faces of dogs with little to no discomfort.

Other special features.

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The final aspect that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that this is a cordless model rather than a corded one. Some buyers prefer the security and consistency of a corded model, but the right cordless device can improve manoeuvrability and offer a great, user-friendly performance. This model uses a strong lithium-ion battery (older models have a weaker NiMH battery) and comes with a charging stand for easy recharging. There is the promise of 90 mins of operation on one charge, but this can vary depending on the job. One user says that this is the equivalent of 10 small dogs. Either way, there is a handy battery indicator gauge on the front of the device to keep track of the battery life.

Wahl Bravura Lithium Clipper Features

Model / Type

41870-0423 / Cord or Cordless

Clipper kit Includes

Clipper, Stand for charging, Charger,
5 in 1 blade, Guide comb, Storage case,
Cleaning brush, blade oil

Battery Type

Lithium ion battery

Blade / Size

'5 in 1' Adjustable, detachable
/ 9, 10, 15, 30, 40

Motor Speed

5500 Stokes Per Min

Product Weight / Length

8.8 ounces / 7 Inch


One year


All Types of Coat

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The pros and cons of the Wahl bravura lithium dog clipper.


  • High speed system with a decent motor.
  • Versatile design with the different blade options.
  • Cordless device with a good battery life and LED indicator.
  • Great results across the whole body with neat finishes.
  • Dog friendly with the lack of heat, noise and vibrations.


  • Only one speed – fast.
  • Some of the parts could be tougher.

The final verdict.

There are some clear drawbacks to the design of this clipper that could be easily fixed in later models, such as the strength of the parts and the speed settings, but there are still plenty of Wahl bravura lithium dog clipper reviews recommending this product. It seems that if it were the toy dogs writing these testimonials, the device would receive nothing but 5-star praise because it is so animal-friendly in its approach and still provides a great result for delicate cuts. If you want a strong, precise cordless clipper for small dogs, this Wahl bravura is definitely worth a second look.

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