A Review Of Andis Ultraedge AGC Super 2-speed Pet Clipper

The Andis UltraEdge AGC super 2-speed clipper is an appealing option for owners of larger breeds because this model 22405 promises a tough, clean cut with its 2-speed system, a dog-friendly performance and detachable blades. There is a clear focus on the strength and power of this clipper for tougher coats – such as the use of the 4 x 4 blade drive for 25% more torque and heavy-duty materials on the case and cord – and the wealth of positive Andis ultraedge AGC super 2-speed pet clipper reviews backs this up. Here we will look at the experiences of dog owners, and their pets, to determine the pros and cons of this appealing system.

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What do humans think?

This product has received a lot of positive customer reviews from dog owners that are impressed with the performance of the device – both in regard to the power behind the blades and the quality of the finish. Although it seems that this appliance can be used on dogs of all types, there is a clear focus on larger dogs with thick coats. Andis say that this model offers the sort of performance that is demanded by professionals and attribute this to the use of the two-speed rotary motor. Buyers say that it cuts through tough undercoats with ease and makes short work of goldendoodle fur.

Andis Ultraedge

Another important benefit that users have pointed out is that despite the size and shape of this model, it is still pretty easy to handle and manoeuvre. This device is a little heavier and bulkier than other models, but it has an ergonomic design that means that it still fits nicely in buyers' hands. There is also the added benefit of the 14'' power cord for a greater reach.

What do dogs think?

These clippers come with the promise that they are both cool and quiet running. Unfortunately, it seems that it only successfully manages one out of two here. The clipper is definitely quiet enough, as nervous toy dogs are being clipped with this with no signs of distress, but it does heat up too quickly when buyers use the #10 UltraEdge Blade that comes with it. Some buyers have to turn the device off after 20 minutes, leave them to cool or apply cooling spray in order to continue. This is a must to avoid burning the dog, but it can also be frustrating for the animal.

Other special features of Andis UltraEdge 22405 Model.

Most of the main benefits of this system have already been covered, as Andis clearly take pride in the heavy-duty nature of the product, the quality of the cuts and the other aspects of the performance. Buyers should not overlook some of the physical features that have been included with this product, however, as they can also prove to be of worth. The first is the decision to use a shatter-free casing on the body to protect the device against breakages. The second is the inclusion of a lock on the power button, so that the device cannot be switched off accidentally mid-cut.

Product Features

Model Type

AGC2s / Model 22405


Corded / 14 inch cord included

Blade Type / Size

Detachable, UltraEdge / 10

Motor Type

Rotary Motor / 3400-4400 Strokes Per Min

Product Weight

17.5 oz

Can Be Used For

All Types of Coat

Best Use For

Professional Grooming

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The pros and cons of the Andis ultraedge AGC super 2-speed pet clipper.


Great performance on dogs with tougher, thicker coats.

Strong motor with a variable speed.

Nice long cord for greater maneuverability.

Dogs seem to find that the product is quiet enough.

Should be tough enough to avoid getting damaged.


Might be a bit heavy and cumbersome for some users.

Heats up far too easily and takes a while to cool down.

The final verdict.

The feedback from these online Andis ultraedge AGC super 2-speed pet clipper reviews shows that the positive aspects of this product clearly outweigh the negatives. There is some extra bulk and weight to these heavy-duty clippers, and they do heat up a little too quickly for most buyers' liking, but this is part of the price to pay for opting for a model that is so tough and capable. Many dog owners would say that it is worth taking the time to allow the Andis AGC clipper to cool and in investing in cooling spray because of the quality of the cuts and the affect on the dog. The product is able to handle the nerves of toy dogs and the coats of bigger breeds while remaining tough, user-friendly and highly desirable.

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