A Review Of Andis 22360 AGC Super 2 Speed Professional Animal Clipper

The Andis 22360 AGC 2 speed animal clipper is a model that is advertised as being “super professional” for dog grooming, but has plenty of features that also make it appealing to the less experienced user. The product descriptions talk about how it is loved by professional groomers and has all the right tools, but it never gives the impression of being too powerful or intimidating for first time users. This purple appliance is a 2 speed model and comes with a detachable size 10 Ultraedge blade, cooling spray and 14'' power cord. There are many Andis AGC super 2 speed professional clipper reviews that talk highly of this model, but there are also some warnings from dog owners that were less impressed. Here we will look at the experiences of dog owners, and their pets, to determine the pros and cons of this appealing system.

What do dog owners think?

There are plenty of comments in users reviews for this Andis clipper about the ease of use. Despite the terrible instructions that are included with this product, buyers have been able to learn how to use it pretty quickly. Some say that it is easy to switch the blades when needed and claim that it is tough enough to handle thick coats, like those of poodles. The clean, professional finish means that the product can be great for show cuts.

The other benefit that users have highlighted is the fact that it seems to be tough and durable, more so than some had expected, due to the strength and the use of the break-resistant housing. It is bigger and heavier clipper than other Andis models, but it still feels good in the hand. The hope here is that this product will last for a very long time and buyers will get to use it on problem coats without any breakages or faults.

What do dogs think?

On the whole, most dogs seem to be pretty happy to have their owners use this clipper, although there is the slight issue that the job may have to be done in stages. Despite the promise of a “cool running smart design”, it can get a little warm. Dogs may have to be a little patient here while the clippers cool down, but buyers point out that this is what the cooling spray is for. In very little time, dogs can go back to enjoying the experience and the lack of noise from this appliance.

Other special features.

The specification for this clipper also shows that the designers at Andis have really thought about the average user. Professional groomers know their way around a pair of clipper like the back of their hand, but dog owners need a little more guidance and some additional user-friendly features. The power/speed button on this device is designed so that it is not only easy to control, there are no concerns about the product shutting off mid-session and causing distress to the dog. This is down to the use of a simple lock on the switch. Another helpful design choice is the decision to take away the vents and add a different sort of cooling system. This means far less maintenance for users as there are fewer clogs to clean up.

Product Features

Model Type

AGC2s / Corded

Blade Type / Size

Detachable, UltraEdge / 10

Motor Type / Stockes Per Minute

Rotary Motor / 3400-4400 Per Min

Product Weight

17.5 oz

Can Be Used For

All Types of Coat

The pros and cons of the Andis 22360 AGC super 2 speed professional animal clipper.

  • Many buyers feel that it is very easy to use and comparable to groomers' devices.
  • The blades and motor allow for a quick, clean finish for professional level cuts.
  • Dogs seem to be happy with this simple, quieter system.
  • There are plenty of user-friendly extras for a better experience.
  • Specially made with steel blades to resist rust and deliver highly effective professional cutting performance.
  • Two speed rotary motor included
  • Can get a little warm and requires cooling spray.
  • Could be a little heavy and bulky.

The final verdict.

There is so much praise for multiple aspects of this product in online Andis AGC super 2 speed professional clipper reviews that it is a surprise that it doesn't rank higher with users. This seems to be the device for dog owners to opt for if you are most interested in recreating a professional look at home and ensuring that your pets are comfortable. The extra power and ability does mean a little extra weight and some heat to the blade, but these issues do not seem to inhibit users too badly. In short, these Andis clippers take the best elements of a professional model – including the quick, clean finish – and combine them with additional features for a highly recommendable product.

Watch the video to see the available features of Andis 22360 Clipper

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