Our Top 10 Pet Adoption Websites

Adopting a pet is one of the most rewarding things we can do. Not only are we bring a companion into our lives and potentially enriching the family home, we are saving the life of an animal that was once homeless and unwanted. There are many websites and blogs devoted to pet adoption and care. Some work with shelter and try and facilitate adoptions directly. Others simply highlight important cases and try and offer guidance on the tricky subject. The following is a list of our top 10 pet adoption websites.

1. DogTime


The creators of the DogTime website and blog are on a mission to get as many shelter dogs into new homes as possible. They are doing this by providing a range of resources – from shelter listings to blog entries on health and adoption. A key feature is the “match-up quiz” that pairs owners with suitable dogs for a better fit.

2. DogsBlog

Pet Adoption website dogsblog

DogsBlog is a similar site with a similar objective – this time based in the UK. They also have a matchmaker service to help prospective owner find a good fit. The layout is simple and to the point with a host of blog entry profiles on different dogs in need. Users just sign up and let the team guide to the right pet.

3. Adopt-A-Pet

pet adoption blog

Some websites and blogs are a labor of love from an individual with a passion for animals. Other go a little further. Adopt-A-Pet stands out because it claims to be “powered by” Purina and PetCo foundation. This site offers a blog with helpful information and fun cartoons as well as listings for shelters and rescues.

4. PetFinder

Pet Finder blog

PetFinder is a similar tool – a great searchable database of shelter animals and informative blog. This directory covers nearly 14,000 animal organizations across the US, Canada and Mexico and the blog is updated daily with feel good stories and helpful information.

5. The Animal Rescue Site

top 10 pet blog

Not all sites focus specifically on dogs. The Animal Rescue Site looks at cases for different types of animals in shelters and sanctuaries. This charity organization is focused on providing funding for these resources and educating people on adoption, rather than pairing up pets and owners. The blog also offers the chance to donate and sends all sponsor advertising fees to charity.

6. Pets Alive

Pets Alive blog

Pets Alive is another charity-based site looking to educate people on the state of US shelters and the problems that rescue animals face. This no-kill animal shelter in based just outside New York City and helps all kinds of animals. Visitors can read long, heartfelt posts about rescue and adoption in America and be inspired.

7. The Best Friends Animal Society

Best pet blog

The Best Friends Animal Society is another American organization looking to try and save lives through the promotion of adoption. Their motto is “together, we can save them all” and this ethos resonates with their followers. The site offers information on adoption and caring for rescue pets, as well as a chance to donate.

8. Dogs Best Life

Dogs best life pet blog

Dogs Best Life is a little different from many of the options above because there is no political agenda or charity behind the words. This is simple a well-meaning, engaging site with an informative blog on a wide range of subjects. This blog is regularly updated with information, pictures and products and is a great resource for anyone looking to adopt.

9. Love That Pet

pet adoption websites

Another site with a difference is Love That Pet. Again, this site is primarily focused on providing information to help new owners. This site is designed to answer lots of questions about vet care and important products and is helpful for anyone struggling with the responsibilities of adoption. The difference is that this is one of Australia’s premier pet care sites.

10. Pets For Patriots

10 pet adoption blog

The final entry in this list of the top 10 pet adoption websites is another one that fits outside the box a little. This is another US charity site, but it is one with a very niche aim. This charity works to bring together unwanted pets and service veterans in the hope of saving two lives with one relationship. Their blog of success stories if one of the most heartwarming ones out there.

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