10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe

There's more to "owning" a dog than just feeding and walking it. Pet parents today are treating their canine companions like true members of the family. And with this mindset comes the necessity to keep our pooches in tip-top shape.

In this article we are going to cover 10 ways to keep your dog healthy and safe; number one is crucial.

10. Always Use a Leash.

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Even if your dog is super-obedient and knows all his commands, that doesn't mean that something won't suddenly startle him or make him want to bolt. For these reasons, having a leash on your dog when out-and-about is crucial to keeping him safe. Plus, you never know how other dogs are going to react to your canine companion. Having your dog leashed will help you better control and avoid any potential dangers.

9. Yard Containment.

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If the thoughts of tying your dog up outside makes you cringe, then you may want to consider a wireless fence system. These are the perfect way to give your dog the freedom he craves, without losing him or having to resort to a tether.

The wireless / underground dog fence works by sending a static or tone to your dog's radio collar when he approaches the boundaries of the yard. With some training, your dog will be effectively kept in the perimeters of your yard without having to build a fence or plant a thick hedge of trees.

Don't have the time to research these systems? Here are the list of best wireless dog fences with their reviews.

8. Microchip for Safety.

Microchipping is done by the veterinarian and may just save your pet's life one day. This tiny chip is slipped just under your dog's skin and contains all her important information. If your pet were to get lost, all the "finder" has to do is bring her to any vet for scanning. Some animal shelters also have the equipment to scan the chips so either way your pup has a better chance of getting back to you.

7. Beware and Take Extra Care Around Water.

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Some dogs are natural born swimmers, but even these pets can fall into a body of water and become exhausted from swimming. Smaller dogs may also have trouble in water or those breeds with a shorter or "pugged" nose. When you are near water or on a boat, be sure to have your dog properly secured or fitted with a floatation device for extra safety.

6. Never Leave Your Dog Unattended in a Vehicle.

A dog left in a vehicle (even for a short-period-of-time) runs the risk of heat exhaustion. This is particularly important in the summer months. The intense heat a closed car can produce in just 15 minutes is enough to give your pup brain damage or even death. Many cities now have laws in place that will permit a person to smash your vehicle's window if your dog is in distress.

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Another reason to never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle is you put your pet at a higher of being stolen. Many purebred dogs are highly sought after, so those willing to take the chance may just nap your precious pooch from your car. Some stolen dogs are not taken for their beauty at all, but rather to be sold to labs for experimentation, while others could be used as "bait" dogs for illegal dog fighting operations.

5. Dog-Proof for Poisonous Substances.

There are many household hazards your noisy pup can get into that are extremely hazardous to its health. Common medications (like acetaminophen and aspirin) can be toxic to your dog. Any prescription drug can also lead to your dog being poisoned or even death.

Household cleaners and antifreeze can also threaten your dog's well being if it is even licked at. Also be sure to check your yard for toxic plants. The more common species include lilies, tulips and azaleas.

4. Keep Those Biting Pests Away.

No pet parent wants to deal with fleas, ticks and lice; however, these are common pests found in most regions of the world. To best keep those biting pests away, be sure to prevent it from happening by flea/tick treating your dog at the beginning of the spring months, then again in the autumn. There are many products that will protect your pooch from these pests, so ask your veterinarian which one is bested suited to your pet.
Here you can read the review of seresto flea and tick collar.

3. Vaccinate/Yearly Checkups.
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There are many common ailments your pup can contract, but they are also very preventable. For this reason it is important to get your puppy vaccinated, then bring him/her back for his/her yearly boosters and a checkup.

Preventing disease and catching those that are not covered by vaccinations quickly are two ways you can keep your dog healthy.

2. Dog's Are What They Eat.

Just like people, dog's also benefit greatly from a well balanced and nutritional diet. Before you buy into a commercial brand of dog food be sure to read the side label to find out exactly what's in it. If the first ingredient is not a pure protein (like chicken, beef, fish etc.) put it back on the shelf and find one that does contain this crucial nutrient.

Many pet food companies will pack their foods full of fillers (corn, wheat, soy) and byproducts (bones, feathers, dead animals etc.) to keep the cost of making the food cheap. However, these inferior products have no nutritional value for your dog and may even be doing more harm than good.

1. Always Spay or Neuter.

Our number one top way to keep your dog healthy and safe is by spaying or neutering. It's a fact that a female dog and her offspring could potentially produce 67,000 new dogs in 6 years-time! This is a shocking truth and with so many rescue organizations overflowing with unwanted puppies and dogs, it's all the more reason to get your pets fixed.

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Another reason to spay and neuter is that both male and female dogs left unaltered have a higher risk of developing cancer. In addition, unaltered male dogs may become very aggressive towards people and other pets when there is a female in heat. Males will also escape their homes/yards in order to procreate with the female dog and can become entangled in vicious dog fights with other unaltered males.

Always spay or neuter your dog. It's the best way to have a healthy and safe pet.

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe?

Being a good pet parent incorporates all of the above suggestions, but it also takes dedication and love towards your pet. Be kind to your animals. Remember, they didn't pick you, you picked them, so you have a responsibility to protect them for the duration of their lives.

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  1. It really helped when you said you can have your dog microchipped so you can find it if it runs away. My wife and I just got a German Shephard puppy and need to get it microchipped at the vet. We’ll have to find a good vet to take it to so our puppy can get scanned.

  2. Diet is essential for growth…
    Lack of an adequate amount of essential and non-essential nutrients might inhibit the growth of a pet.
    Besides, malnutrition might trigger several types of health-related disorders. So, a pet owner should be aware of the factors which should be taken into consideration while making a diet chart.
    Diet charts should be based on the nutritional requirement of the pet.

  3. I appreciate the suggestions provided in this article about the factors which should be taken into consideration to keep the dog physically and mentally healthy. Regular exercise is crucial for the dogs to live a healthy life. So, a pet owner should take suitable initiatives to keep the dog physically active. Besides, a dog suffering from certain physical deformities should not be ignored. Suitable initiatives should be taken into consideration to keep the dogs physically and mentally stable.

  4. It’s interesting to know that dogs benefit greatly from a well balanced and nutritional diet. My husband and I adopted a dog, and we are looking for advice to keep him healthy. I will let my husband know about the benefits of a healthy diet for our dog.

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