The Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit bulls

indestructible dog toys for pit bulls

There are a lot of misconceptions about pit bulls. There are still some people that see this as an aggressive animal. Yet, this can be a sweet, loving dog with the right training and care. Raising a pit bull the right way includes playtime and strong bonds. A good chew toy is a great starting point for games and training. But, there are some chew toys for pit bulls that are much more suitable than others.

In this guide to the best indestructible dog toys for pit bulls we will look at the following:

1. Pit bulls as extreme chewers.

2. The problems related to this behaviour.

3. What to look for in the best indestructible toys – and what to avoid.

4. 8 of the best products around right now.

What Makes Pit Bulls Such Power-Chewing Pooches?

The chewing ability of the pit bull is a combination of two main factors – the anatomy of the jaw and their will power. The pit bull has one of the strongest, widest jaws relative to body size. Their large muscular heads exert a lot of pressure as they bite down. This means they can bite clean through materials that other dogs would struggle with. Then there is the will power. Pit bulls were bred to never give up on the task at hand. This means they can chew on a toy for longer than other dogs. This combination of power and the time spend chewing is bad news for any weak toys. 

Why Is This Such A Problem For Our Pit Bull Pups?

There is no doubt that our beloved pooches can have great fun chewing. But, this can lead to health problems. Strong, incessant chewing can break toys and other items into many pieces. Dogs that chew the wrong type of toy to pieces may ingest some fragments. These fragments could then cause the following:

1. A blockage in their digestive system.

2. Internal bleeding due to sharp edges.

3. Illness through toxins in plastics or paints.

Pit Bulls Need A Different Type Of Toy! 

Pit bulls are playful, loving animals that deserve a good toy as much as any pup. The answer isn’t to minimise access to toys in fear of health issues. Instead, we need to turn to safer, pit bull-friendly alternatives.

Besides, if we deprive our pit bulls of chew toys, they will simply seek out alternatives. Owners that give up on toys can say goodbye to their favourite pair of shoes! So, we need to find the very best alternatives for our pets. 

How To Choose The Best Indestructible Toys For Pit Bulls?

Finding the best toy is as much about the factors to avoid as the ones to look for. Buyers need to watch out for the following:

1) no small, detachable parts that may come loose

2) the strength of the materials on these one-piece toys

3) safety controls, standards and seals of approval

4) interactive food elements that can increase the entertainment value

Small parts

Small parts are a massive problem with dog toys for power chewers. It is too easy for these animals to detach something and swallow it. This could be a soft animal with eyes or a chew toy with a squeaker inside. A pit bull could easily rip into a squeaker toy and eat the squeaker.

The materials

Most of the best pit bull toys are rubber – like most dog toys. But, some rubber toys are tougher than others. It helps to look for one piece toys with no obvious seam. The rubber should be thick and pleasant to chew. Some dogs will also like thick ropes for tug of war games. Just be careful with the fibres and quality of the rope.

Safety standards

The best brands will all ensure that their pit bull dog toys meet the right safety standards. This means a material that is safe to chew, with no harmful chemicals. Some cheaper brands add paints and treatments that could be toxic. Look for FDA approved products and anything clearly made in the USA.

Interactive elements

Squeakers and detachable elements are definitely out. Still, there are other ways to engage a pet. There are some great indestructible pit bull toys that allow owners to hide food inside them. This is a great way to keep a pet entertained and distracted for a while. Some tasty chew toys also have health benefits, such as dental hygiene.

Top 8 Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit bulls.

1. Kong Extreme Dog Toy.

Lots of pet owners are familiar with the Kong range. There are lots of different chew toys with different materials for different needs. This “extreme” option uses an “ultra-strong” black rubber material that should provide a little more durability than the other models. There are different sizes for different breeds.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy for pit bulls

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

This is definitely a long lasting Kong toy with a lot of potential for pit bulls. It is stronger than the rest of the range and some pit bull owner say their dogs can enjoy it for a month or more. It is as close to indestructible as many will find.

One of the issues here is the “unpredictable bounce”. There are other toy makers that have gone further with this. Kong Extreme therefore isn’t as bouncy as it could be. Kong also recommend Kong-brand treats, which could get pricey.

2. West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball.

This ball is one of those dog toys that looks just as fun for adults to play with as dogs. This brightly coloured toy isn’t really ball shaped. But, users can throw it around for dogs to chase and retrieve. It is guaranteed to be tough enough for aggressive chewers and free from any nasty chemicals.

Zogoflex Durable Ball toys

Zogoflex Durable Ball

The biggest benefit with this ball over the Kong toy is that it immediately seems more fun. This floating ball is great for trips to the park and easy to spot. The treat dispenser is also helpful for entertaining dogs back at home. One user states that their pit bull cross is practically obsessed with it and can’t break it.

Some dog owners have struggled to pack the toy with treats. They argue that the hole is too big for small treats and the chambers to small for big treats. Otherwise, most of the comments are positive.

3. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Durable Dog Bone Chew Toy.

WEST PAW Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy – Floatable Pet Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Catch,...

Another product from West Paw is this bone designed for aggressive chewers. This bone is as much of a fetching toy as a chew toy. It is just the right shape to act as a replacement for a stick and comes in some fun colours. There are a lot of people impressed with how much punishment it can handle, while still remaining soft.

This bone does tick a lot of boxes in regard to the different concerns of pet owners. The main benefit is that this bone will float on pond and rivers. It is soft but strong and offers something different to tough Kong toys. It is also free from unsafe elements like BPA and phthalates.

This option isn’t perfect, but suits certain dogs. It doesn’t do much other than float. There is also a problem with the promise of “100% guaranteed against dog damage”. This is impossible and some pit bulls have broken into it with time.

4. Titan Busy Bounce Tough Dog Toy

Titan Busy Bounce, Tough Durable Treat Dispensing Dog Toy with Unpredictable Bounce, Large | Made in...

This is a toy on the same lines as the bouncing ball above. It has lots of different purposes compared to toys like the bone. It is great to chew on and acts as a treat dispenser to keeps brains active. But, it is still a bouncing ball for a fun game for the park.

This really is like a Kong toy with a better bounce. Pit bulls love chasing this thing and the unpredictable nature of that bounce. The versatility and durability mean that it should be a much loved toy for a while.

This does need the right sort of kibble treats that will fall out of the ball, or a good peanut butter and kibble mix. That is because it is difficult to clean out this toy without a dishwasher.

5. Mary and Kate Sturdy Tug Rope

NEGTTE Dog Rope Toy-Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers-Dog Chew Toys-Dog Toy Rope Set-Tough Dog...

There are often mixed opinions on tug ropes for dogs. But, a well-made product can entertain dogs for ages and allow for great bonding time. This one is 100% cotton and built with heavy duty knots on a 24’’ XL cable. There is also a money back guarantee just in case power chewers do destroy it.

There are some great comments about playtime with this toy. It is a great option when bonding with a new pup, but some pits enjoy it just as much on their own. It is also strong enough for many buyers, who like the strength in the knots.

There are definitely mixed reviews here. For every dog owner praising the durability of the cord and quality of the rope, there is another with a different experience. Some power chewers have cut this rope in half quickly. This is a gamble that may pay off as an alternative toy to Kong-style products. 

6. Goughnuts Guaranteed Original Indestructible Dog Toy.

Goughnuts – Virtually Indestructible Ball - Guaranteed Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers Like...

The basic shape of this doughnut ring it pretty simple. Dog owners can throw this ring around as a fetching toy, or dogs can chew it in bed. But, it is the use of materials that is interesting. There is an inner core and outer rubber layer. Once that red core starts to show, it is time to replace the toy.

The clever use of colours and materials is a big selling point. That red core should offer a little peace of mind to dog owners. Dogs seem to love chewing this and playing with it. Some even use it as a pillow. The fact that it floats is also great for outside play.

Once again, there are mixed reviews on the longevity of the product. Some dogs can play with this for months and never see the red core. Others ripped the outer layer away too easily.

7) Tough Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed

Apasiri Tough Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed, Chew Toys, Durable Bones Made with Nylon...

Flavoured nylon bones are a popular choice with pet owners. This one is a great looking replica of a raw hide bone with power chewers in mind. This chicken flavoured knot bone is one of many flavoured chew toys in the Nylabone range.

The additional health benefits of this chew toy will appeal to many dog owners. The bristles help to clean teeth and add oral health. It is nice to see a model that can do this while still appealing to power chewers like pit bulls. 

The first issue here is that this is a pretty solid chew toy. This is great for the durability of the product, but a bit painful when it is dropped on bare toes. There are some some mixed reviews from the dogs. Some animals just didn’t seem to engage with this toy like other products. 

8. Benebone Pawplexer Interacter Treat Dispensing Chew Toy

Benebone Pawplexer Interactive Treat Dispensing Tough Dog Puzzle Chew Toy, Made in USA, Small, Real...

This Benebone chew toy stands out because it looks a lot different to the other bright plastic toys around. This toy has an unusual shape and a treat dispenser in the middle. The chew itself is carefully treated for a strong scent and flavor of either bacon, chicken or peanut. Owners can then add other treats to that centre.

The use of natural, safe materials is important here. This is a USA brand that focused on real flavours – nothing artificial. They are also much tougher than some owners expect. This means that tougher chewers can enjoy the puzzle without breaking the toy too easily. 

The look and style of the toy wont appeal to everyone, or every dog. Some animals can get frustrated by the game. Others simply weren’t interested in the product.

Finding The Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit Bulls.

Remember to always be realistic when any product claims to be indestructible. Every toy has its breaking point eventually – some sooner than others. A tenacious, happy pit bull could eventually reach that moment. Still, there is no doubt that these models above offer a better, safer experience. These products are better suited to the pit bull breed. They should provide entertainment and relief, without the health risks. Try a few out on your pit bull and see which is a hit.

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