The Best Way To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Nail clipping should be as much a part of a dog's grooming regime as it is our own. We all know the discomfort that can be felt when toenails get to long, and it is worse for dogs as they run a greater risk of injury. Some dogs naturally file down their nails by running on hard surfaces, but others require regular pedicures. For some dog owners, this is easier said than done, especially when dealing with nervous pets and new puppies. What is the best way to trim dog nails and what tricks can dog owners use?

Choosing The Right Dog Nail Clipper.

It pays to have everything you may need on hand before you start, so that you prepared and don't have to leave the dog's side mid-way through. This means having the right medical supplies, treats, a comfortable place for the dog to lie and – most importantly of all – the right pair of clippers. Some pet owners prefer to use manual clippers – either guillotine or scissor style clippers – because they are familiar. Be sure to choose the right model for the right size of dog and check user reviews about their performance. The alternative is to opt for a best dog nail grinder that gently sands down the nails to the right length for a polished look. This approach can reduce the risk of cracked nails and injury, but the vibrations can take some getting used to.

How To Calm Nervous Dogs.

Whatever method you choose, the welfare of the dog has to come first so make sure that they are comfortable and happy to be treated. Try and cut their nails after a walk or a meal when they are less agitated. Always reward them for their patience and good behaviour during and after the process. It also helps to train dogs to have their paws and nails handled from an early age. The happier they are to have their nails cut, the easier the process will be. The best way to trim dog nails is to go slowly– one nail and a time. Don't worry about leaving some uncut if they dog has had enough. It can also help to start with the back feet as these nails tend to be less sensitive.

Cutting Dog Nails To The Right Length.

A big concern for many dog owners is that they might cut the nails too short, harming the dog or even making them bleed. Try and look for the place where the tip meets the quick, although this is understandably difficult on black nails. If you are in doubt, cut less. A great solution here is to invest in a pair of clipper with a nail guard. If you do get it wrong and the nails start to bleed, stay calm, use some styptic powder to stop the flow and make a fuss of the dog for their bravery. This will mean that they are not completely put off from having their nails cut again.

Other Tips And Tricks To Help With Trimming A Dogs Nails.

  • Soften old, tougher nails in the bath before cutting to make the job easier and increase the chance of a clean cut.
  • A smooth, finish with an emery board protects against snagging and scratches. This is another reason why electric grinders are often chosen over manual clippers.
  • Maintain your clippers to keep them clean and sharp for a hygienic, quick process.
  • Make nail trimming a regular process – every two weeks – so dogs get used to it.
  • Have fun with it! Treat it like a chore and your dog is less likely to enjoy the experience.

Summary: Trimming Dog Nails Doesn't Have To Be Difficult.

Essentially, the best way to trim dog nails is to do so with care, attention and a focus on the dog. Don't see it as a chore that has to be completed but rather as a chance to spend time with your pet and make a fuss of them. If you follow these tips, make sure that you are fully prepared and work slowly with your pet, it will become easier to trim your dog's nails. Practice makes perfect and together you can learn to manage this process with ease and even have fun doing it.

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