Best Dog Treats for Training in 2023

Dog training can be a tricky business. As much as your dog wants to please you, sometimes they just need a little encouragement to perform the behaviour correctly. This is where dog training treats come in. This guide will look at some of the important considerations when finding the best dog treats for training your pet, as well as some interesting product options.

What should you look for when choosing the best dog treats for training?

The market is full of treats of all different shapes and sizes, but not all of them are ideal for training. A large, flavourful piece of jerky or rawhide will keep dogs amused for ages, but this won’t help when you are looking for a repeat performance. Ideally, you want to find small tidbits of great tasting food. It has to tempting enough that your dog will work hard to achieve it, but also small enough that they get a rewarding taste and can immediately move on. Small, dry food is also much easier to carry around and use. It wont make a mess in your pocket or get grease or juice on your fingers.

best dog treats for training

Treats should be just that, something fun, delicious and uncommon. A piece of their favourite flavoured kibble might not do the trick if they know that’s what they are getting for dinner. Some dog owners use “people food” here, a little lick of peanut butter or a cube of cheese, but this could cause problems if the quantities aren’t handled correctly. You don’t want your pup getting a taste for it and stealing food in the house. The best alternative is to opt for a dog-friendly treat from a reliable company.

What do we mean by dog-friendly training treats?

Dog-friendly does not mean low cost and high in flavour. You to find a flavour your dog will enjoy, but nutritional value is also important. You can’t justify it be saying that it is an occasional treat if these aids become an important part of their diet over the next month of training. Search for quality treats in the same way you would their ordinary food. Check the ingredients for additives and empty carbs, look at the quality of the ingredients and pay attention to the dietary needs of your dog.

Top 5 dog training treats review.

1. Pet Botanics Training Rewards Bacon Dog Treats:

These simple treats are loved by dogs and owners alike. They are the no-nonsense approach to dog treats in many ways. There are some added herbs and Omegas in the mix to make them healthy but, other than that, they are pretty simple. These small, moist morsels are the perfect size for training adult dogs and puppies and buyers say that they get results. The main selling point for the dog is that these treat stink of meat. Buyers are surprised at the odor that comes from the real pork liver, but it is not unpleasant.

Pet Botanics Training Rewards Treats for Dogs, Made with Real Pork Liver, Focuses, Motivates,...
  • Age Range Description: All Stages
  • Included Components: Pet Botanics Training Rewards Bacon

2. BLUE Wilderness Trail Treats Grain Free Wild Bits Dog Treat:

These treats are different because they provide a dry consistency – which means like mess than the moist options – and they come in chicken flavour. The ingredients list has been carefully considered here. The branding highlights the lack of grains, but there is also a lack of artificial flavours or preservatives. In their place, the company have added omegas and DHA. The DHA is designed to promote cognitive development, which should be ideal for a training aid.

3. Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Training Treat:

If your dog is a sucker for beef jerky and raw hide and you find it difficult to tempt them to train with other flavours, this product could be the solution. The premise here is even more simple than that of the Pet Botanics treats. There is only one ingredient: freeze dried beef liver. This means there are no filler ingredients or additives to worry about, but they don’t have the nutritional value and extra benefits of the other options. Buyers say that they are still a great choice for fussy eaters and they have worked as a training aid.

Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Beef Liver, Grain Free & Gluten Free, 21 Ounce Resealable Tub,...
  • Single Ingredient Treats: Made from one simple ingredient:...
  • A healthier option: Freeze-drying preserves the natural...
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  • Versatile use: These multi use dog training treats can also...

4. Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Slow Smoked Dog Treats:

This is the another healthy option for training a dog if they like beef. This treat is a best seller product on most of the marketplace and also has three flavours which are beef, chicken or turkey. And another great thing is that it has no fillers like wheat, gluten, soy or corn, and ingredients are slowly roasted and smoked naturally. So this is an another great dog treats option for training and liked by other buyers as well.

5. Plato Pet Treats With Salmon Fish:

If your dog has allergies with beef, chicken or dairy, you may go for this option which is made by salmon fish. It has great taste and healthy. There are no filler ingredients. It has included over 90% salmon fish, organic brown rice and also has vitamin E and C. And also, It has omega-3 & 6 fatty acids. So, This is a another great option if your dog loves fish or has allergies with other ingredients like beef, chicken etc.

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Which is the best dog treat for training in your household?

Think about the treats your dog will really go for and the type of food they like to eat. These brief reviews show that there is a great variety in flavour and texture so most tastes can be satisfied somehow. Read the ingredients, look for a practical, healthy option and simply give them a try. Your dog’s reaction to training will quickly tell you if you have a winner.

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