8 Best Dog Nail Grinders & Nail Grinder Reviews (February 2021)

best dog nail grinder

Dog owners have an important choice to make when choosing the best dog nail grinder tool for their dog from various option available on market. Is it best to stick with the straightforward manual approach of a scissor-style clipper, or to go for the precision of an electric grinder? Grinders have a lot of benefits over manual clippers. This guide will look at the differences between the two, before discussing eight of the best pet nail grinder products available.

Dog Nail Grinders vs Dog Nail Clippers.

Most professional groomers and vets would agree that you can get a better result with an electric model. The grinding action of many electric products allows for a simple, precise approach. It also reduces the chance of breakages, cracks and pressure on the nails. This means that there are no sudden movements or noises that might disturb your dog. Some of the best grinders on the market also have additional tools that polish the nails to prevent rough edges. These rough edges can lead to snagging and scratches. The most common complaint with these powerful grinders is that dogs become stressed out by them. Training and a relaxing environment really help here.

Some dog owners like the familiarity of manual clippers, but these tools are not always as safe or effective. A weak scissor-style clipper could crack a tough nail or cause pinching. A large guillotine could be too cumbersome for smaller paws. Choosing a product that is the wrong size or wrong strength can cause additional problems. There is also greater pressure to make the cut in the right place, especially if these products don't have a guard. A cut too high up the nail could be painful for the dog and may even cause them to bleed. Look at this guide for trimming safely if you prefer manual clipper.

Table of Best Dog Nail Grinders

** Above all the ratings are given by our authors based on their expertise. Click the above button, name and/or image of the product to check the price on Amazon.

Top 8 Dog Nail Grinder Reviews.

1. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8 Volt - Best powerful tools (Cordless).

Dremel, however, simply stand out because of their reputation for making powerful tools. This Dremel model comes out on top for these reasons: powerful tools, positive reviews and the specification make them a immediate choice and the buyer satisfaction is why the product is in first place here.

best dog nail grinder

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8 Volt


It is all about power and performance with this electric dog nail grinder. It has a strong rotary tool that the company promise is a “safe, effective, less stressful alternative to clipping”. In comparison to the Wahl model, this Dremel device seems to be appreciated by pets a lot more. There are certainly fewer complaints about discomfort and distress. This has to be partially due to the two rotation speeds.

The biggest issue here is that the battery doesn't last very long and users soon find themselves having to recharge it. This process takes a few hours to complete. Some say that this model just about manages four paws on a big dog before dying out. Others complain that there is no nail guard, which would be helpful for such a powerful model.

2. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder - Best for small & medium pets.

herzko dog nail grinder

Herzko dog nail grinder

Ignore the part of the Amazon listing for this Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder where is says that it is the number one best seller in cat grooming clippers. While this is true, there is the chance to use this on a range of other animals too – including our canine companions. The device rates highly on this list because it provides quite a surprise as it exceeds expectation for such a small object. The complaints mostly come from those that don’t understand the needs of the dog when looking for the best dog nail grinder.

The stand out selling point with this device has to be the use of the USB wire for a rechargeable, portable and cordless device. This is ideal for groomer and owners on the go. The small size and ease of use also means it is easy to handle the nails of smaller animals – which is probably why it was sold to cat lovers. There are three ports for the diamond bit grinding tool, depending on the size of the dog. There is also the promise of low vibrations and low noise to keep pets happy, and it seems that sensitive animals don’t mind it too much.

The negative reviews mostly come when the device is used on larger dogs, but perhaps this is to be expected. There are complaints that this isn’t powerful enough for dogs over 10 pounds, but what do people really expect from such a tiny, USB-powered device? 

3. Furry Fido Pet Nail Grinder File - Another powerful cordless tools.

Furry fido pet nail grinder

FurryFido Pet Nail Grinder

The specification for the Pet Nail Grinder File talks a lot about the design, with the “artistic” feel of the device and the “cute” storage. There is a nice look to this model, and an ergonomic shape that adds to the appeal for owners in need of an easy approach to the grooming process.


There is no doubt that this device is indeed easy to use, with plenty of happy buyers enjoying the experience and commenting on the weight. The addition of the six different sanders add to the general ease of use. The vast majority of buyers are happy that they switched to this cordless model from their manual clippers. Most suggest that the dogs aren’t too bothered by the experience, although some attribute this to the improved speed of the process.


If there are so many pet owners celebrating the results that they have achieved with this option, why is it down in 2nd place on this list of the best dog nail grinders? The first reason is the power of this tool. There are some owners that simply expected this device to be able to trim and shape the nails of larger dogs with greater ease. Then there are those that mention that their more nervous dogs aren’t too keen to be around it. This suggests that this is a mid-level option for medium sized, confident dogs. Overall, this design may be to focused on the look and the human user to be top of the list.

4. Wahl Professional Pet Nail Grinder - Best Portable (Cordless).

This Wahl model comes out on 4th position for two reasons: the great design and brand reliability. Wahl have proven themselves with many pet care products and it is no different here. This is a corded model that its promoted as being the ideal alternative to manual clipping. This rating is due to its strong, constant power supply, versatile attachments and professional-quality finish.

WAHL Professional Animal Pet, Dog, and Cat Premium Nail Grinder Trimming Kit (5972)


One of the key benefits here is the use of attachments. This means that not only can this grinder be used on dogs of different sizes, it can also be used on other pets. Buyers appreciate the way that the additional polisher attachment provides a smooth, high-end finish. The body of this unit is lightweight and has a balanced shape so users can handle it for long periods. There is also a storage space at the back of the unit for the attachments.


There are some mixed reviews for this product. While owners appreciate the potential and the motion of the device, there are some dogs that simply cannot get along with it. This is due to the high speed, friction and noise produced. This means it is perfect for pets that are comfortable with having their nails handled, but it is not great as a first time option.

5. CONAIR PRO PET Dogs Nail Grinder (Corded).

ConAir may not be as familiar as name as Wahl when it comes to pet-based devices, or Dremel as maker of power tools, but there are enough positive reviews from users to place it in the top four of this list of the best dog nail grinders. This corded device promises to do the job with some great accessories and enough power.

dog nail grinder

Conair Pro Dog Nail Grinder


Starting with the positive elements of this product, it seems that the grinder lives up to some of the more appealing sales claims. This is sold as being “quiet, lightweight, compact and powerful” and it seems to handle the first three very well. There are users happy to handle the product and many saying that previously nervous dogs had few complaints. There were some power issue on tougher nails, but it still offered a pretty consistent performance. There is also praise for the protective cover as it minimizes the mess from the dust.


Not all owners are convinced about the power, performance or versatility of this product. This is why it only comes mid-way down our list. This is meant to offer easy grinding on all size dogs with a great range of attachments. These stone and sander attachments are meant to ensure a great result on any pooch. Yet, there are some that struggled to find the right option for the right nail. For some, this product is simply too much like hard work.

6. Furminator Nail Grinder Pet Nail Grinder - Good for small pets.

Furminator Nail Grinder Professional Grooming Tool for Pets, 8' L,Gray

The specification and descriptions for the FURMINATOR Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder Upgraded USB Charging Nail Trimmer are pretty familiar once we get this far down the list. In fact, there is a lot in this device that is also present in some of the more simplistic, portable models already mentioned. The problem is that it just doesn’t seem to be as up to the job with such a wide appeal.


There are users that are impressed with the quality of this device and the results seen. They appreciate the small, convenient shape and the way that it shapes the nails of medium sized pets. The simple ports and cap mean that it is also easy enough to clean and look after this device.


This model doesn’t have the power for the quick, effective shaping that owners are used to with the better models above. There are also reports of high vibrations that make some dogs nervous. Finally, like all small portable models, it is just too small for some users.

7. Oster Pet Nail Grinder (Corded).

The sixth place position in this list goes to the Oster Pet Nail Grinder. Oster is a name that is synonymous with pet-care, having created many great fur clippers. This raises the question of why they are ranked so low here. The specification seems good on the surface and there is a nice look to the device, but reviews are mixed.

best dog nail grinders

Oster Pet Nail Grinder


There are some users that see the benefits of this slim, lightweight corded model. It can be pretty powerful for a good result and offers a quick, smooth sanding process (where dogs allow it). The size and shape is a clear difference between this model and the others in this list. It is tiny in comparison, with greater ergonomic features. This includes finger grips for safer control. There is also a helpful carry/storage case.


It is unfortunate that there is a big catch 22 situation with this device that puts a lot of buyers off. There are many dogs that are scared of this machine because it is so noisy. There is the option of going for a low setting but doing so reduces the power, so the ordeal is twice as long. This means that there is a small market of dogs/owners suitable for this model. It is generally more human-friendly in its design than pet-friendly, even though some do also struggle to fit the head properly.

8. Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder for Dogs (Cordless).

Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog and Cat Nail Grinder, 2 Speed (078129-600-000)

This system is promoted as a trimming, grooming, clipping device for all sorts of pets. It is this versatility that makes it appealing to many pet owners. There is also the fact that it seems cheaper and easier to handle than the powerful Dremel model.


The specification for this model boasts about the use of the “PediPaws precision emery filing wheel”. This features is designed to ensure a soft, high-quality result. Many reviews focus on the beneficial extras that are provided. A highlight here is the cap that acts as a guard and a container for the filings. There is a sense of user-friendly design here that is not seen in other products.


Again, the value of the product depends on the dog's tolerance. This time there are nervous dogs that are learning to trust this device with time. Some users also point out that it is not great for larger dogs because of the size of the guard. There are also the usual downsides of choosing a battery operated device. Once it runs out, you may have an impatient dog on your hands. This range of potential flaws means that the Dremel just comes out ahead.

Picking The Best Grinder Model For Your Dog.

The eight models mentioned above are among the top-rated, best selling models in their category. The final verdict, however, depends on your confidence level and the reaction of your dog. The user friendly features of the Shennosi model are great for newcomers, but the results and power of the Dremel, FurryFido and Wahl models are preferable. Take your time to look at specifications and user reviews and think about how your dog will react. With all of these considerations in mind, you are sure to find the best dog nail grinder for your needs.

Frequently asked questions.

Q1. Are they safe to use?

Yes, as long as you know how to do so. The key to working with these tools is to handle it carefully so that you trim off just enough of the nail and don’t cut the quick. This is where the nerve endings are and where dogs can bleed. The risk of hitting this is arguably higher with an ill-judged clip with a clipper than a gentle sanding motion.

Q2. Won't my pet get scared by a battery-operated/electric tool?

There is a could chance that some dogs will be nervous around these tools at first because of the vibrations and noise. You will need to train a dog to get used to the sensation and reward them for their patience. They will soon learn that there is little to worry about.

Q3. Are they difficult to use?

They can seem a little large and heavy to new users, but you can quickly get the hang of them with practice and a good read through the manual. There are also models with good ergonomics and speed controls, which help a lot.

Q4. What sort of finish do you get with these nail grinders?

The finish offered by these devices is pretty good as you can get a smoother finish and a more precise length. They certainly won’t lead to the sharp or rough edges that could prove to be dangerous, unlike some clippers.

Q5. Isn't it just easier to use an ordinary clipper instead?

In some ways this is true, as clippers require no power and are more portable. It is all a case of weighing up the pros and cons of the experience and the final result with the best dog nail grinders.

Watch Video: How to use dog nail grinder step by step.

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  1. So, hopefully your got the best pet nail grinder from the reviews. But are the reviews and the ratings enough to choose the right dog nail grinder? I am afraid.

  2. I am a big fan of dremel brand. I am using dremel grinder from last two years. I have no issues at all.

  3. This is very helpful. I’m looking to change from trimmer to grinder. I like the description of the Dremel brand but I’ve noticed they have another model 7300-pgk but it’s impossible to get it here in Canada. It appears to have a guard that the 7300-pt does not. Amazon.ca says it’s a newer model but it’s 3 times the price and $23 shipping – no option for free shipping. Yikes. Are you able to tell me the differences between the two models? Should I just go with the 7300-pt? I’m worried about vibration/noise mostly. Have one very large dog that currently has to be muzzled and leashed for me to trim nails now after one quick cut from a vet. Ruined him forever.

    1. It is almost same as 7300-PT model. In addition, they have added a protection cap for safety but it might takes longer to grind the nail with protection cap. If the model 7300-PGK is not available in Canada, we suggest you to try 7300-PT model and share us the experiences here. Thanks

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    1. Hi Andy,
      Glad to know that you like this post. Yes, dremel is a powerful tool and liked by most of the users too. We mentioned wahl brand here as wahl company claimed as better tool and we love this tool too because it’s corded and powerful so that don’t need worry about battery charge. I hope you will love it too.

  9. I am using nail clipper now. My dog is not comfortable with clipper and she has bleeding sometimes. I am thinking to go for a nail grinder. Can you suggest me that which one will be the best for new user. Thanks

    1. Hey Bridgett, Thanks for comment. You may go for either wahl (corded / good for longer period) or dremel (battery operated). Conair Pro (Corded) is also good which can use for different size of dog’s nail.

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