Best Dog Food For Pitbulls 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best dog food for pitbulls

Pitbulls are complex little creatures. Where one dog owner sees a stocky, potentially aggressive small breed that isn't the “cutest” around, others see a loving, goofy ball of energy. These charismatic little dogs are popular family members across the world – either as American bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers or other related breeds – and provide a lot of love. The problem is that their size, behaviour and physical traits mean that they need a diet that is especially tailored to their needs. How do you choose the best dog food for pitbulls?

This guide is designed to highlight some of the main dietary considerations that pitbull owners face and some of the best pitbull dog food on the market. The guide has been broken down into categories – including adults, puppies and muscle building – to provide a clear comparison between the options. After browsing these pitbull food choices, you should have a clearer idea on the best food option for your pitbulls.

Our list of best dog food for pitbulls:

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What should the ideal dog food for pitbulls contain and what other considerations need to be made?

New dog owners face a difficult choice when picking the right food for their pet because there is more to consider than the taste, portion sizes and cost. The food needs to taste great, but it is more important that it has all the right nutrients to maintain their health. We have to watch our calories and recommended daily intakes and the same is true for our pets. Protein, fat, vitamins and minerals are all important in the right amounts in order to build muscles and bones, maintain health, aid immunity and generally keep the dog in top condition.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) offers pitbull owners the recommendation of a minimum of 22% protein for puppy growth and 18% for adult maintenance. As you will see below, there are different formulas for an ordinary diet and for building muscle. As for calories, small 30lb female pitbulls may only require 922 calories a day while bigger 70lb males need 1740.

What to avoid when looking at pitbull dog food ingredients.

It is important to ensure that all the right proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are present in your chosen pitbull food, but there are also ingredients to avoid. A big problem for many pitbull owners is carbohydrates. Pitbulls are prone to overeating and obesity due to their love of food, and excessive carbohydrates will only make the problem worse. Extra fat on a pitbull breed can be dangerous for heart health and other conditions. Pitbull owners will also know that these dogs, and similar breeds, can often have skin allergies. A solution could be to look for food that is free from irritants like corn, starch and wheat. It is also wise to try and stick to natural ingredients and as many reliable sources as possible. Artificial colours, flavours and preservative are just as harmful to dogs and are responsible for some cancers.

Choosing the best food for adult pitbulls.

The first place to start when considering the best dog food for pitbulls is with the adult products. This may seem like the easy part as the dog is fully grown and just needs to maintain their health and weight, but there are lots of options out there. A great place to start is to choose a brand that you trust or that has great respect from fellow pitbull owners. From there you can look at the ingredients and other selling points to make sure that it offers everything you are looking for.

Choosing the best dog food for pitbull puppies.

best dog food for pitbull puppy

Pitbull Puppy

A problem that some dog owners face when choosing the best dog food for pit bulls regards the recommended age. As you can see, there are many top formulas for adult dogs, but puppies require their own food. Puppy pitbull food means more than providing smaller pieces for smaller mouths. These products also need to contain the right recommended daily allowances and a puppy-friendly ingredient list. Calcium levels are always a concern with pitbull dog food because the breed is prone to arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia. This is also an important consideration with puppy food because of bone growth. Bone and muscle growth is a priority with puppy formulas so there has to be a good protein source and all the right vitamins and minerals. Read this guide here on how to raise a pitbull puppy.

Top 5 Dog Food Reviews For Pitbulls:

1. Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food - Best for Adult Pitbulls.
best dog food for pitbulls

Taste of the wild

This dry pitbull dog food is an interesting alternative because of the unusual ingredients that are used. The protein comes from bison and venison and there are also plenty of fruit and vegetable sources. Buyers like the use of smoked meats as “taste enhancers” because their pets seem to love them. There is also an appreciation for the use of sweet potato over other carbs that are higher on the glycemic index. This cheaper, unusual product is currently the number one best seller in dry dog food on Amazon, but it comes first here for two reasons. First, the lower cost doesn't necessary make it better, as it doesn't seem to have as strong an ingredient list. Second, there have been concerns about formula changes and the food being filled out with additional carbs.

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2. Wellness Natural Dry Dog Food - Another recommendation for adult pitbulls.
Best dog food for pitbulls

Wellness Complete Health

Wellness Complete is one of those brands that dog owners are immediate drawn to because of brand reputation. This “complete” option for adult dogs provides a balanced formula for complete health and is promoted as a natural dry food with premium ingredients. The extensive ingredient list shows the range of natural extracts, vitamins and minerals, as well as the real chicken and vegetable sources for “whole body nutritional support”. There is also the fact that this product is free from many problematic sources, such as grains, wheat, soy and artificial ingredients. It ranks at second position because it is loved as much by dogs as by humans. It has a great taste, great effects and offers noticeable chances on malnourished dogs. It is a bit costly, but that is because of the ingredients. Cheaper food is just not as nutritious.

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3. Taste Of The Wild Dry Food - Best for pitbull puppies.
dog food for pitbulls

Taste of the wild puppy

In this section on pitbull puppy dog food, the two brands highlighted above switch places. The main reason for this is that the Taste of the Wild formula is specifically made for younger dogs, yet still has an interesting formula. There are some concerns that the formula may be too rich for some young dogs and may take time to get used to. With this option, dogs are treated to another “taste sensation”. The product used a blend of fish sources – rather than heavy meats – to provide the right proteins and fats. Not all dogs are going to like it, but many do. Buyers also like the small pieces and the great impact on growth and health. This product has been used where other brands have failed and has led to happy, healthy, regular pups.

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4. Wellness Natural Dry Dog Food - Another recommendation for puppies.
best dog food for pit bull puppies

Wellness small breed

The alternative for puppy food here is this different version of the highly-rated Wellness Complete dry food. There are lots of similarities to the highly recommended version above, only this one has been specially made for smaller breeds. This means that it should offer a great starting point for pitbull puppies before they get old enough to try the adult version. Again, this approach means tiny pieces and a different set of ingredients. Here pets can enjoy the turkey and oatmeal recipe while still enjoy great nutritional value. There are some issues with the price for some buyers, but it is worth paying extra for the ingredients offered compared to cheaper options.

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Choosing the high protein food for muscle and weight gain.

The final issue to consider when choosing the best dog food for pitbulls is that of muscle mass and weight gain. One of the prized qualities about pitbulls and related breeds is their strength and muscle mass. Some owners look towards enhanced food formulas to promote this and ensure that their adult dogs are in prime condition. With regular pitbull dog food, experts say that owners should look for a ratio of 50% meat, 50% vegetables with no fillers or artificial ingredients. Muscle building food for pitbulls is different as it focusing more on strong protein sources for greater gains.

5. Orijen Adult Dog Food 15lb Bag - Recommended for muscle and weight gain.
best food for pitbull

Orijen Adult Food

The muscle building pitbull food being highlighted here is this Orijen Adult blend. The name suggests that it is a normal product with a basic purpose, but there is more to it. This Orijen product uses a more protein-rich formula than other options. Instead of 50% protein, this has 90%. The majority of the ingredients are protein rich for muscle building and conditioning. This includes free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish and eggs. The company pride themselves on the quality and freshness of their ingredients. This is important to dog owners and they trust the brand to deliver. Owners of pitbulls and bulldogs like the impact that this product has on health and coats and the dogs seem to like it too.

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What about pitbull supplements for muscle growth?

A high protein dog food is one solution to building muscle definition and improving conditioning in dogs. Another is to opt for a supplement. This option is not for everyone as there sometimes seems to be a focus on the “look” of the dog more than its health, and there are concerns about excessive use. Pitbulls should have a diet that allows them to reach optimal muscle mass for everyday activity. Too much weight could lead to health and mobility problems. With the right guidance and attitude, a supplement can be paired with good diet and exercise for some great results.

# Bully Max Dog Muscle Supplement.

best food for pitbull to gain muscle and weight

Bully Max Supplement

If you do decide to try a pitbull supplement to help your dog, this Bully Max product could be the best choice. There are many potential benefits to using this product in a safe, responsible manner. It is made for recovery, muscle building, and conditioning, but there is also the promise that it will also help a dog's immune system and can be used a post surgery and chemo supplement. The product is free from trans-fat, sucrose and corn syrup, but there are concerns over calcium levels. Dogs see it as a treat so it clearly no bad taste. There is high praise from buyers about improved muscle tone and coat condition and many are going back for more. You do get 60 tablets a bottle so there is a decent amount for the money.

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Why are these choices are always grain-free?

By now you will have noticed that many of the top choices in dry dog food for pitbulls are listed as being grain-free. This is because grains are seen as a top ingredient to avoid. This source of carbohydrate can lead to bloating and excessive gas in dog and is not necessary in a rich diet with slow-burning carb sources. This problem is even worse for pitbulls because the breed is more prone to gas build-up and bloating due to their eating habits. Owners may think it is funny when pitbulls rapidly gobble up their food, but it can have negative effects.

Which pitbull dog food is best for you?

There are lots of considerations to make when picking the right food for your dog and all owners must be prepared for a little trial and error. The examples listed above are all top rated products with great potential, but that doesn't mean that your dog will like the taste. As long as you focus on the basic principles behind these top brands you should succeed. This means looking at the nutritional value, the protein sources, the presence of any dangerous extras and the quality of the food. This applies to adult, puppy and specialist formulas. Remember that the best dog food for pitbulls is the one that promotes good health with the best ingredient and is enjoyable to eat. If you can find a product that your dog loves as much as you, you are on to a winner.

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