Best Dog Food For Boxers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Boxer dogs can be a handful when they are so energetic, full of life and have their own breed-related health issues to consider. The care and attention required here means that they need the best dog food for boxers that you can find, so which option should you choose. This guide will look at some of the factors to consider when feeding boxers and three very different options.

Considerations to make when feeding you boxer dog the right food.

The right food for your boxer dog can often come down to taste and preference. You have to decide which route to take, whether to find the ideal manufactured formula with the best ingredients or to stick with a home cooked approach. While the latter may ensure healthy ingredients and good sources of meat and vegetables for these lean, energetic dogs, manufactured dog food can be more convenient and still well-tailored to the breed. It is advised that adult dogs are fed twice a day with scheduled meals to avoid bloat and other digestive issues. A few cups of dry food a day should be enough to provide all the nutrients and calories they need – with the right food of course – and you must be careful to prevent overeating to stop this sleek, athletic breed becoming overweight. Puppies can be fed more often to ensure they get into a routine and have all the calories and goodness they need to grow and develop over that first year.

The best dog food for boxers: which brand and option should you opt for?

Finding good dry food with a great source of ingredients can be a case of trial and error, because some boxers can be a little more sensitive when it comes to their digestion and taste, but it is worth looking at some of the different high-end, specialised food to see what fits. There are some interesting options out there for puppies and adult dogs, with a focus on different nutrients and flavours, and the following are all worth consideration.

Food Name

Food Quality

Our Rating (1-5)

01. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Sweet Potato & Fish Formula, 26...

Editor's Choice



02. Purina Pro Plan Dog Food for All ages, Original, Grain Free, High Protein, Fresh & Raw Animal...      Editor's Choice



03. Royal Canin Boxer Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food, 30 lb. bag



04. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Original Turkey & Chicken, 26-Pound Bag



05. Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe High Prairie Premium Dry Dog Food



Note: Above ratings are given by our editors and based on their experiences.

Top 3 Dog Food Reviews.

1. Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Food.

The “L.I.D” in the name of this option refers to Natural Balance's approach of providing limited ingredient diets for dogs. These are simple, nutrient rich formulas that have a strong source of everything that boxer dogs should need, with no strange additional tastes or fillers. A great example of this is the fact that this food is also grain free. This options is designed to suitable for all breeds and all ages, so there should be no concerns about it being suitable for your boxer. The only potential issue is in the specific tastes of fish and sweet potato. Both ingredients are great for developing boxers and for ensuring a lean build and good health, but some dogs may prefer a meatier option.

Many owners seem to be impressed with the formula that is offered here because it is deceptively simple. On the one hand, there is the brilliant fact that this a completely natural approach with no colours and additives. On the other, they have ensured that this product is rich in nutrients and there are buyers that are particularly impressed with the fact that this product has plenty of fish oils. There are owners that say that not only is this food ensuring a good coat and a healthy diet, it has aided pets with digestive issues, skin problems and other allergies.
Read the feeding guidelines for Puppies and adult dog here.

2. Purina Pro Plan Dog Food.

Orijen is brand that many dog owners immediately associate with high quality, and this does unfortunately mean that there is often a high price tag attached. It may not be cheap, but may dog owners would say that it is worth paying a little more for that assurance of high quality ingredients. One of the key selling points about this brand is the fact that the food is deemed to be “fit for human consumption”, which means an assurance about real ingredients. This is definitely a formula for meat-loving dogs, so perhaps a good alternative to those that dislike the fish flavour above, and is created with 90% protein-rich food including free-range poultry, eggs and wild-caught fish. The other 10% comes from fruits and vegetables.

For most buyers the true worth of this option is seen in the health of the dogs and their enjoyment of the flavours. There are dog owners that have splashed out on more expensive gourmet option and had their dogs turn up their nose or develop digestive issues. Here they seem to have found a good middle ground between high-end quality and a simple, tasty formula. Dogs of all kinds are gobbling up these kibble pieces and seeing their health and conditioning improve.

3. ROYAL CANIN HEALTH NUTRITION Boxer Adult dry dog food.

A completely different approach is to opt for a more affordable, accessible brand but to choose the formula that has been specifically designed for boxer dogs. The options above were both general formula that could be eaten by any large dog. This Royal Canin formula has been designed to suit the needs of the breed by providing the right levels of protein for maintaining muscle mass and plenty of nutrients and antioxidants to deal with the various health conditions that the breed has to deal with. Cardiac sensitivity in boxers is not unheard of, which is why this formula uses taurine and EPA.

There are some great reports from owners that have seen the health of their dogs improve after switching to this option and there are also comments about improved coat quality. Some also appreciate that the brand have also looked at the shape of the kibble to make it easier for boxers to pick up with their distinctive muzzles. The only concern for some buyers is that the lower price means lower grade materials, such as dried elements and by-products, and there are more carbohydrates than some would like to see.

Summary: choosing the best food option for your boxer.

There are plenty of adult dog foods out there that will provide plenty of nutrition and a great taste for your pet, and the three above are great examples. You can stick with the cheap and accessible in the more basic option and know that it especially designed for boxers, go for a more expensive all-purpose approach with better ingredients or try a more unique flavour combination from a fully natural source. In the end, the best dog food for boxers could come down to your dog's taste as much as your own preferences, so don't be afraid to test them out.

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