5 Best Citronella Bark Collar (2021) – Top Spray Collars Ranked

Citronella bark collar reviews

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Citronella bark collar is a collar that delivers a harmless burst of citronella spray to interrupt the dog's behaviour. The spray has a unique scent that most dogs don’t normally encounter. It is harmless to humans while using it to interrupt unwanted behaviour by the dog. The Citronella spray bark collars come in two forms. The first one is the anti-bark form which automatically delivers a burst of spray in response to barking and other sounds from the dog. The other one is of a remote form which differs in timing and delivery since it is not automatic. It is usually controlled by a human operator.

Citronella spray bark collar vs Shock bark collar

Citronella dog bark collar will effectively control the excessive barking by spraying an odor that rattles and irritates the dog harmlessly. When the dog barks, its neck gets bigger thus triggering the device instantly. The odor is also harmless to humans unless you are allergic. The shock bark collar is an old training method aimed at reducing the dogs barking. It administers a shock when the dog starts barking. The shock is of low intensity but may still hurt the dog. However, it is considered as the most effective method of controlling the dogs barking.

Many vets and dog owners recommend the Citronella bark collar. They consider the shock bark collar as a device of cruelty. Therefore, Citronella shock bark collar provides a more humane solution. The cost of Citronella bark collar is also lower than the one of shock collars.

Best Citronella Bark Collars : Top Picks

** Above all the ratings are given by our editors/authors based on their expertise. Click above name of the product to see the price on amazon.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Citronella spray bark Collar

Before making a purchase you should ensure the collar is comfortable especially if it is to be worn every time. It should not aggravate the dog. For it to be useful, it has to be tolerated. Consider the temperament levels of the dog. Some dogs are calm and restrained thus require simple control methods like the Citronella spray or low voltage shocks. Consider the dogs’ size and the environment for the collar use. Compare the prices for the collars and choose the favourable one.

Top 5 Citronella Bark Collar Reviews.

1. PetSafe 600 Yard Remote Trainer

Petsafe commander bark collar

PetSafe Commander Bark Collar

This PetSafe Commander Spray Collar has two levels of spray and tone which the dog learns quickly. It is operated by human, pushing a button on the remote which sends a signal to the collar receiver up to 250 feet, triggering the spray. Unscented refills for the spray are also available. It is a safe, effective and comfortable method of controlling dogs who weigh 8 pounds and above. The two tone levels provided are high and low sound. The collar is water proof up to 5 feet deep. The collar fits up to 24 inches dog neck sizes. It includes an adjustable strap, a receiver and a remote transmitter. It also comes with a wrist strap, batteries, product manual and a Citronella spray can.


A choice of spray and tone, which adds some versatility to the device, and is both adaptable and waterproof to suit a range of dogs.


Not an automatic model, as it requires that remote, and may not be as effective as some other measures.

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2. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar.

Petsafe Gentle Spray bark collar

Petsafe Gentle Spray

This PetSafe Gentle Spray uses a harmless burst of spray to gently and instantly stop your dog from barking. The collar uses a mic to pick the sound from the dogs bark. This triggers the burst of spray which distracts the barking dog. It provides 20 to 30 sprays before refill. It is designed for dogs weighing 6 pounds and above. It is safe for dogs of all sizes and age, including the puppies. The water resistant collar uses a 6 volts battery. The spray can provides is refilled by holding it straight up and pressing the nozzle. The collar has a collar strap which is adjustable. The product also comes with a manual. The collar is water resistant for use in wet grass and light rain. It also fits up to 24 inches neck sizes. Most of the users have found this product beneficial and it works for all types of dogs.


Great results on a wide range of dog breed because of the adjustable nature of the collar.


Too many comments about breakages, due to cheaper parts, and a short life span on the battery and refills.

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3. Downtown Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Dog Collar

downtown citronella bark collar

Downtown citronella bark collar

There are plenty of promises with this Downtown Pet Supply NO BARK Citronella Dogs Kit. It claims to be safe and effective with a humane approach to barking control – but then that is the point of all of these citronella collars without a shock system. It also promises speedy results. There are a lot of mixed reviews for this collar, with some that love the ease of use and the results seen and other that hate it. On one side you have those that try out this collar and find that their dog thinks twice about barking in a short space of time. Then there are others that found that the product was flimsy and didn’t have the desired effect at all. There is a bit of a gamble here, but it might be worth a try on smart dogs over 6lbs in weight.


A full kit of products and accessories to help owner that are new to this process. Easy to set up and use, with great potential with the right animals.


Not as adjustable as some other models that are available. Varying results and responses from users due to the durability issues and effect on the animal.

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4. DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray Collar.

Dogtek Citronella Bark collar reviews

Dogtek Anti Bark collar

This DOGTEK is another effective anti bark collar which fitted with all types of dog including puppies and adult. The speciality of this collar is that it is able to determine the sense of the dog if its barking. So this collar doesn’t need any human interaction until the citronella spray has finished. Most of the users find this collar effective for their dog and the brand has claimed that it is one of the best product available on the market. It has one year limited warranty.


A simple, automatic device with potential on a wide range of breeds, and even puppies. Great results on smart dogs.


Device is a little too cumbersome for some small dogs and there are a few too many comments about glitching units.

5. JK TECH Anti-Bark Rechargeable Citronella Spray Collar.

JK Tech citronella bark collar

One of the instant selling points with this JK Tech No Bark citronella collar is that it is rechargeable. Most of the highly rated citronella dog collars use a fairly typical battery that needs replacing. This isn’t always practical. This model is different because of the USB cable. This is the only major difference here. Otherwise, it is still an adjustable, easy to use collar for typical refills of citronella spray. It would have been nice if one of these bottles was included in the box though. This adjustable nature is crucial here because not only can users change the size for small, medium and larger breeds, there are adjustments to the intensity of the spray too. Again, there are some mixed results in the impact of the collar, and some attribute this to the poor manual. Those that understand and follow the directions closely have a better chance of success.


Rechargeable device that improves the reliability of the system and has an impressively adaptable nature.


Mixed results due to the terrible instructions in the manual and no citronella spray included in the box.

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How To Choose The Best Citronella Bark Collar.

The Citronella dog bark collar provides the best humane and cost effective way to control your dogs barking. The sensitivity shock collar also provides an advanced, efficient and more humane way of controlling the barking noise compared to the older shock methods. However, before purchasing a collar type other factors should be considered. These are age, temperament and environment. These collars are useful in training your dog against barking. Your dog will quickly adapt to the mechanisms especially the spray while moderating its behavior. We Hope, the review of the spray anti bark collars will be helpful to find the right tools for your dog.

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