Basic Dog Care Tips For New Owners

Dog care tips: Caring for dogs can be a challenge, especially if you underestimate the amount of time and effort that goes into keeping them fit, healthy and happy members of the family. This is the ideal way to look at your pet – as a member of the family that needs the same amount of love, attention and care as a child. There are lots of considerations to make, and the specifics vary from breed to breed, but as long as you make sure to provide the following, you are on the way to being a great dog owner.

Dog care tips to get new owners started.

Feeding dogs

Food is obviously essential, but you need to provide the right food for the right dog. There are different products for different breeds, sizes and healthcare needs. You should also be aware of overfeeding as well as underfeeding. It is far too easy to give too many treats to a dog and to not control portions because you are a soft touch, but obesity can affect heath and lower life expectancy.

Medical care

You may think that healthcare is only necessary when a dog is sick, but how can you really be sure? Regular veterinary check ups are a must because they can pick up on problems and provide services like vaccinations, parasite protection and microchipping. It will also help to spay or neuter your dog early to prevent health or behavioural problems.

Regular exercise

dog care

Exercise keeps us all lean, fit and healthy and the same applies to our dogs. Regular walks are a must but be sure to get guidance on the best exercise plan for your breed. You don't want to overstretch tiny legs or provide too small a challenge for large working dogs. Give them the chance to burn off energy in the garden and play with them.

Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation is sometimes overlooked but we aren't the only ones that like to play games and need our brains testing. Provide an enriched environment where dogs can enjoy new sensory experiences on walks, give them toys and offer food puzzles.

Basic training

Behaviour training is a must because not only does it teach dogs obedience, it can help with house training, socialisation, aggression and other important problems. Be sure to start early, so that you can ensure good behaviour traits from an early age, and create a strong bond with them as a puppy.

Canine DNA Test

To know more about your dog’s, you may go for canine dna tests. It will help you to understand if the dog has any genetic health issues, what kind of descended is he from. “Knowing your dog’s breed makeup can help you tailor his training and help you be on the lookout for breed-specific diseases,” says Dr. Marty Becker

Dog care is ongoing and tough at times but you need to be committed.

Taking on a pet dog is a full time commitment and a lot of your time, money and efforts have to go into to treating them well and making sure their mental and physical health is in the best condition. The dog care tips above are designed to provide a basic introduction in the different areas of care that you need to focus on. It is then up to you to determine the best food, exercise regimes and training programs and to work with your vet. Be committed and loving, but also enjoy it.

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19 thoughts on “Basic Dog Care Tips For New Owners”

  1. It’s really helpful to know that spaying or neutering your dog actually has a lot of health benefits for them. My wife and I want to surprise our son with a puppy on his birthday. I think it will be a great idea as long as we teach him about the proper care that it will need.

  2. Henry Killingsworth

    You made a great point when you explained that it is important to make sure that you give your dog the opportunity to burn off energy. I would think that, if you owned a pet, it would be a good idea to have a pet door installed onto a door that has access to your backyard. That way the dog could go outside and run around for exercise whenever it wants to.

  3. Ah, I like how you mentioned that you need to provide an enriched environment for your dog to have mental stimulation. I’d actually like to take my girl to the dog groomers one of these days. I think she’d be a lot happier without such a thick and heavy coat.

  4. I enjoyed reading this article…
    Everyone should be aware of such information as it is crucial to keep the pets healthy.
    Quality of diet and regular physical exercise plays a detrimental role to maintain stable health.
    So. a pet owner should do some research on the internet or should take suggestions from experienced professionals in this regard.

  5. My husband gave me an Alaskan Malamute as a present for my 30th birthday, and I am really anxious about it because I don’t know how to take care of a pet since I never dreamed of owning one. It’s great that you highlighted each tip to be given more attention specifically about the advice about ensuring the health of your pet by bringing them for a regular veterinary check-up. I’ll keep in mind to book for a veterinarian appointment, and buy the necessary pet grooming kit which includes moisturizing solutions, shampoo, soap, and oral care.

  6. I liked that you mentioned regular veterinary check-ups are needed because they can pick up on problems and provide services like vaccinations, parasite protection and microchipping. My husband and I adopted a dog regularly, and we are looking for advice about how to take care of him. I will let him know about your recommendations to help our dog to be healthy.

  7. It’s interesting to learn that spaying or neutering your dog early on will help prevent health and behavioural problems. My wife and I are looking to get a puppy soon and we wanted to know how to keep our dog healthy throughout its life. I’ll be sure to get it spayed or neutered once we bring it home.

  8. I never realized that portion control was so important to the overall health of the dog. Growing up, we always just filled the dog’s bowl and let them eat whenever they wanted, but I think with our new puppy we will try to have specific eating times with a set amount of food. My kids just got this puppy for their birthday and we want to make sure we take very good care of it so he lives a happy and healthy life with my family.

  9. I like the idea of using train ign to make your dog less aggressive. I would feel really bad if my dog hurt someone when he was playing too hard. I should consider taking him to get trained while he’s a puppy so he can be less tough as an adult.

  10. I liked that you said hat one thing to consider when you have a pet is to take them to the veterinarian regularly in order to receive services such as vaccinations, parasite protection, and microchipping. I have been thinking about getting a dog but I have been worried that I wouldn’t properly maintain their health. I would be sure to take my dog to the veterinarian regularly in order to ensure that he will be healthy and strong.

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  12. I totally agree with you when you said that taking on a pet dog is a full-time commitment and a lot of your time, money and efforts. My cousin wants to get a pet and he wants to know the basic things he needs to take care of it. I will share this article with him so he has a better idea of what a dog needs.

  13. Thanks for explaining that we can use new toys and food puzzles to give our dog the mental stimulation they need. My husband and I are thinking about adopting a goldendoodle soon because I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately and think it would be really nice to have a dog to take care of. I’m glad I read your article because mental stimulation is something I wouldn’t have thought to consider without your advice!

  14. Thank you for your great article on how to take care of a dog! My family and I are thinking about adopting a Goldendoodle. I will definitely utilize all of your great tips and information if we do end up getting a dog.

  15. Ridley Fitzgerald

    I appreciate your tips for taking care of a dog. We’re hoping to adopt a puppy soon, and since it will be our first one, this is helpful. I’ll remember what you said about finding a good vet so that we can take him or her to them regularly, like you said.

  16. This article is very good. I like it. Interesting post. Thanks for posting this. Please share more information.

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