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Our pets are vital parts of our lives. They are more than just an animal companion; they are a part of the family and a best friend providing unconditional love no matter what. This love and joy that they bring means that we have no choice but to do everything we can to make their lives as happy, healthy and enjoyable as possible. At The Pet God we aim to provide answers to some of your concerns and great product choices to provide the best healthcare, diet and well-being for your pets as possible.

The majority of the articles and guides that we are presenting here at The Pet God are designed to offer insight into the health and well-being of our four-legged friends. We have buying guides that will highlight some of the best products to provide a solution to a particular problem and more general guides on health care and pet ownership. Essentially, we are here to provide guidance on a range of subjects to do with pet care – with a focus on diet and grooming issues – as well as helpful reviews of the best and worst products. If you have a concern about how best to feed your pet because of certain requirements of conditions, or are nervous about finding the right tools to groom your pet at home, we are here to help.

We appreciates that there are some many different aspects of pet ownership that can be daunting to new owners and that is why we aim to cover as much ground as possible here. While diet, grooming and training are three of the main topics off conversation, we will also look at other aspects of a pet’s care such as their mental health and playtime. This means looking at toys and other products. WE are also not afraid to look at a more alternative solution to the mainstream products and are happy to look at holistic treatments, specialist products and raw food diets if we feel that they may be of benefit.

One of the aims of this website to provide you, the reader and avid dog lover, with the very best information and an honest, open approach to the different topics that we cover. In this spirit of honesty, it is important to point out that we do use affiliate links here in order to stay in business. Naturally, the Amazon product links that we use and the links to other websites are chosen as much in your interest as our own. We want to showcase the very best products and services that may help you with the problem that you are having – whether that means choosing the right food for your breed of dog, buying the best grooming tools or learning the best training strategies.

In our quest to provide this helpful, up-to-date information and the best approaches, we will be providing regular updates to the site. No matter what advice we give, remember that this is our personal suggestion from the best knowledge and product links available. We are no substitute for the advice and professionalism of a vet if there is a severe behavioral problem or dietary issue that is affecting their mental and physical health. Thank you for taking the time to visit The Pet God. We hope we have been of help.

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